Hole 16

Victor's Head: A bit of a challenge off the tee as you gaze out at the rural countryside just beyond the trees located on both sides. This hole is a dogleg that plays right to left. A long hitter, can hug left of center and if hit far enough will get a roll towards the green, as well as a good view of it. It does shave off considerable yardage and gives you a realistic chance of getting on in two, but if you don't think you can hit it that far, or choose to play this hole in regulation, you should aim center or slightly right, then hit a second shot towards the opening. If you are brave enough here, you can try and sneak the ball as far down as you dare, however, remember that landing on top of the opening leaves you a shot of approximately 200 yards, where the tree line on both sides affect your approach shot to the small green. This is a hole where a bump and run shot is well advised, as you don't want to go long and face an uphill shot back to the green out of thick rough.




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