Hole 15

MacPhail's Corner: A very tricky tee shot here! You are faced with a few choices off the tee. You have woods totally surrounding the hole and can be out of bounds if you go long and straight. The landing area runs steep right to left, so if you hit there, you will roll downhill, leaving you a longer second shot in. You can go over the trees and be faced with a short wedge or iron shot, if you are sure you have that shot in your bag! If you prefer, you can place a shot close to the tree line on the right, then you have a comfortable shot of approximately 150 yards. Your second shot has you facing a green with bunkers on the front left side, as well as two more towards the right side of the green. A long shot may result in you going into the woods located behind the green. This green is set up on the highest part of the ridge and has some nice undulations to test your putting skills.




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